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Creating a copy of live site on another domain

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  • Creating a copy of live site on another domain

    Hi there, I have done some searching and this thread is the closest to what I want to ask about.

    I am moving servers and therefore want to build a mock of the live site, currently on shared hosting, on the new vps server. I am on 4.2 level 3.

    I have after lots of pain managed to get a mock of the site as per your very clear steps above (thank you) and can get into admincp and go sitename/url/contact details.

    Earlier I could not access admincp but after editing the database settings table with the mockup domain name in 3 places directly (including the serialised data) I was able to get into admincp

    I am mindful of all the clearing of browser cache, cookies, history etc, even rebooted (all this several times) and have tried mac & windows & a variety of browsers. Of course I have also ensured my config is correct (admincp opens anyway) and also my htaccess having the correct mock site domain name within.

    Can you please shed any light on my problem.

    Thank you very much

    But ...!

    If I follow any link of the forum itself, I still get taken to the live site.

    (originally mistakenly posted under 3.8 forum)

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    In Admin CP - Settings - Options - Site Name / URL/ Contact Details is the Forum URL updated? Fix it if it needs to be fixed, remember no slash at the end.

    Check all URLs on the page of settings.

    Finally if there was nothing to change go to the Admin CP, product manager, and disable then re-enable any mod, this will refresh the datastore.

    Try again.


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      Thank you for your reply.

      Meantime I managed to find the solution just where you suggest. However, the issue appeared to be that I simply needed to save that options set, albeit that the details were correct as they had been changed in the database directly by me.

      Hope this helps someone else.


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        run this query to rebuild datastore

        delete from `datastore` where title= 'options'
        Don't forget to add table prefix if you use it,

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