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Upgrading from 3.8.4 to 4.2 Attachment Question

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  • Upgrading from 3.8.4 to 4.2 Attachment Question

    I have a lot of forum attachments with my 3.8.4 forum. They are stored in the file system.

    I have created a separate test installation of vb4 in another directory on my server using a copy of the database. I noticed that none of the attachments are showing in postbits. But it does appear that there are attachments when viewing the forum display (the attachment icon is present). For my test installation, can I point to the normal spot on the server located in the /home/username/attachment directory so I can see the attachments?

    I've looked through the upgrade docs and don't see much info on dealing with attachments. Thanks for your help.

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    That kind of makes sense since you didn't copy over the attachments for the test. DO NOT use your live attachments for the test site.


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      When I actually upgrade, what is the process to make sure the attachments still work? I was trying to find something about attachments in the upgrade docs and didn't find it.

      What is my best bet for testing if I want to work with attachment styling in postbits...leave it in the test database file system and create some new test threads with attachments?


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        If you want to test attachments, the best thing to do would be copy the attachments over to your test site then in the test database, change the 'attachpath' value in the 'setting' table to be the path to where they are on the test server.

        Next, go to AdminCP > Plugins and Products, open anything to edit and save as is - this will refresh the datastore to also have the updated path in it.

        You should now be able to upgrade the test site with attachments stored in the filesystem.

        ***Please take a full backup of your live site file structure and database to be on the safe side***
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