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what happens with config.php ?

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  • [Forum] what happens with config.php ?

    I currently use 3.8.6 and just upgraded from a previous version of 3.8 , and , like always, had to mess about with config.php file.

    Im going to upgrade to vb4 soon but noticed this -

    Upgrading from vBulletin 3.8.x

    Close your board via the Admin Control Panel.
    Upload all files from the 'upload/' folder in the zip, with the exception of 'install/install.php'. Then open the 'upload/includes/' folder.
    Open your browser and point the URL to (where is the URL of your vBulletin). You should now be automatically forwarded to the appropriate upgrade script and step.
    If any errors occur, copy the error and please contact support. DO NOT continue with the upgrade. Doing so may cause irreversible damage to the database.
    at first glance it seems that you dont have to touch the config.php file at all (it used to say you have to rename to config.php or something? but these notes just say

    Then open the 'upload/includes/' folder
    why ??? and do what ?

    are the config.php files essentially identical with each version release? to be on the safe side Ive always cut/paste any custom stuff out my old config.php to the new one (even though the rest of the file looks pretty much the same anyway) stuff like database names, email address, privilaged user numbers, etc ...

    anyway - for upgrading to version 4, do I have to do the same with the file as Ive done before ? or just ignore it ?

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    Isn't it just easier to fill in the right value's in your new config file? And if you are uncertain, please setup a test envrironment to test your upgrade first.
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      it looks obvious I have to add my own values into the new file from the old one ... as Ive done every other time Ive upgraded. Just seems confusing that the instructions dont seem to specifically say this. in the case of the vb4 upgrade instructions it just says
      Then open the 'upload/includes/' folder
      with no explanation why ? (even though I sorta know what its getting at)


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        Seems they should overhaul the instructions text to make it better understandable for all. It's not the first time I read complains about this (no, I don't add it into jira).


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          I always delete and just use my existing config.php, of-course I'm simply upgrading within the VB 4x family so not sure if there's much difference between the config.php in 3x and that in 4x!


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            There are a few diferences, and indeed, a few differences between the config file for 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 & 3.8.

            They are mostly minor, but when moving to a new version its always best to start with a fresh copy of, add in your details, then rename and use it.
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              Paul's advice is correct, though I am still using a 3.6.1 config file on 4.0.8!!

              Over the years I have had to add some extra bits in that I've copied from later versions of the file (notably the caching stuff), but I can never be bothered to start the whole thing from scratch again!
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                But in the main there are no differences in any of the config.php released with the 4x suite, is that correct?


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                  More or less, nothing major.

                  The only BIG changes in config files have happened in vB2 > vB3 and vB3 to vB 3.5


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