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  • Rabster
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    • Jun 2009
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    [Forum] Upgrade help/suggestions Please .....

    OK here goes

    I have a forum running Version 3.8 and its working well

    i also have a VB4 License so want to upgrade, now i have test site locked away that i have done the VB4 Upgrade on and all the mods i have installed dont seem to be compatible not a great surprise.

    here is the question i have, if i set up a new data base new file structure etc get the test forum running in VB4 with all hacks/mods i want working. Can i then import the database from 3.8 would it run smoothly etc

    sorry if its a bit vague

  • Steve Machol
    Former Customer Support Manager
    • Jul 2000
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    In two words, not really. While it is possible to use Impex to import that data, this is not a supported use of that script. In addition this will change all your existing user, post, thread and forum ID numbers. So all posted links will no longer work, as well as search engine results from prior to this import.
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