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forum hacked need to upgrade

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  • [Forum] forum hacked need to upgrade

    Hi, I was running 3.7.2 and my forum got hacked (well all my sites did) I just purchased the latest version of vBulletin so I can upgrade it to that one.

    I've been able to backup my db through ssh.

    Where do I go from now.

    I had only 1 mod installed vBadvanced CMPS v3.0.1, I can't get into my admin to disable that.

    my site is

    where do I go from now

    Thanks, K

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    damn, just saw the minimum requirements of v4 and my server ain't got them, waste of money

    anyway, I still need to upgrade my site with the latest 3 then.


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      Well, id talk to your server host, because every server host provider these days have everything you require for VB if its from VPS to Hosting They all should have the newest MYSQL and PHP.

      If you need to move to another provider.

      Ok to secure id, move the Admincp and modcp.

      You can do this in includes/config.php

      //    ****** PATH TO ADMIN & MODERATOR CONTROL PANELS ******
          //    This setting allows you to change the name of the folders that the admin and
          //    moderator control panels reside in. You may wish to do this for security purposes.
          //    Please note that if you change the name of the directory here, you will still need
          //    to manually change the name of the directory on the server.
      $config['Misc']['admincpdir'] = 'admincp';
      $config['Misc']['modcpdir'] = 'modcp';
      the new folder names for the admincp and modcp go there, make sure you rename the folders to the names above.

      then go on CPanel > Password Protect Directories > find the folder you renamed say admincp first.

      Then say Keep out as message then tick the box. Save it..

      Make a new username and password (18 Digits if i was you mixed with symbols)

      Then Save it.

      try and goto your new admincp.


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        Thanks for the reply, had to upgrade to the latest vb 3, and just wait untill my host upgrades their php version.

        All went well, just a few glitches in my header that I changed before, so no big deal anymore I hope.


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