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  • [Forum] 4.0.4pl1 Attachments

    Hello all,

    My forum is currently on 4.0.3 running perfectly, it uses a lot of attachments, and from reading on here I am getting conflicting information about upgrading to 4.0.4pl1.

    If I upgrade to 4.0.4pl1, will all my attachments still work?


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    There have been a couple of bugs raised around attachments on particular setups and under certain circumstances. These should be resolved in 4.0.5.

    To test whether they would affect you, you can set up a test site and upgrade this. For more information on how to do this, see the link in my signature.
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      Thank you for the reply Trevor. Do you have a time scale for the release of 4.0.5? As in, days, weeks or months?

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        Depending on your luck, you may get your attahcments rendered inaccessible. Mine and a number of other users had theirs go "poof" when we upgraded. Others upgraded and had no problems. So far, there is no solution given and we are all hoping 4.05 solves the problem; whether it does, or whether it has another set of problems remains to be seen.


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