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Upgrade from 3.8.4 fails at 4.0.3 step 4 finalupgrade.php?step=4&startat=10#end

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  • [Suite] Upgrade from 3.8.4 fails at 4.0.3 step 4 finalupgrade.php?step=4&startat=10#end

    Well, trying to upgrade the thing, and all goes well, until I get to this step 4. It says
    Step 4) Import latest style
    Importing vbulletin-style.xml
    Template Group: Forum Display
    Template Group: Forum Home
    Template Group: Help
    Template Group: Human Verification
    Template Group: Instant Messaging
    Template Group: Member Info

    and then I get a vBulletin Message containing no message at all, and below the non-message a Go Back button. No errors, no emails, there's nothing in the source of the html page that gives any clue.

    What I did (besides backup) is uninstall any add on products.
    Then I moved the forum from /forum to the root of the site /
    Updated url settings, and then proceeded to the upgrade, which went well, until the step4 thing.

    In a famous word: HUH?!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vbulletin-message.jpg
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Size:	42.3 KB
ID:	3715749
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    re-upload all files and try again.
    on attachment see a wrong file - vbulletin-style.xml version 3.8.4
    born to fish forced to work


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      You are right, Daniel, I think this is it. It's been a while since I 've done this sort of thing. I made some silly mistakes. Nothing that can't be fixed, but it'll take a bit longer ~sigh~

      Thank you :-)


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        Yup, fixed now. The upload source was fine, with the right version. Somehow I must have copied the old version over the new one before installing. Can't think of a reason why to be honest, but hey, it's me. It's not the first time I do something inexplicable. Other stuff is also fixed. Thanks again!


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          glad to hear it.
          well that everything went successfully

          Greetings Daniel
          born to fish forced to work


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