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Total Newbie, Installation problems

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  • bensmom
    Thank you.
    Are there members who install vbulletin for a fee?
    How can I find a trusted member to do this for me?

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  • sven4o
    Please note that you should upload the files from the upload folder. The install/install.php file is located there.

    You can follow the detailed vBulletin installation steps listed in the following tutorial:

    It is for vBulletin3, but the installation procedure is not changed significantly for vBulletin4.

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  • beishe8
    Originally posted by bensmom View Post
    what the heck am i doing wrong?
    Did you create a database for vBulletin?
    If you did,did you edit the config.php file with the database name,user,password?

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  • bensmom
    started a topic [Forum] Total Newbie, Installation problems

    Total Newbie, Installation problems


    I am a newbie, that's for sure.

    I am starting a new business and purchased vbulletin.

    I followed the instructions in the guidelines.
    Granted I don't know mySQL or php, but I have bought books and I will learn how to do this.

    I purchased the hosting account.
    I am at this point in the instructions:

    Once all the vBulletin files have been successfully uploaded to your web server, you will need to run the vBulletin Installation Script in order to prepare your database.

    The Installer runs as a PHP script using your web browser. To start the installation process, open your browser and type the HTTP address of your forums directory, followed by /install/install.php, then hit the <Enter> key or press the [Go] button to open the script.
    The first thing you will see from the install script is a log in prompt, asking you to enter your customer number. This is done to prevent other users from accidentally stumbling across your install script and running it. Only you should know your customer number.

    Okay, so I have all the files on my server. this step doesn't work.
    My host tells me all vbulletin installation should be moved to a specific folder.
    so, I say okay, I moved all the files to the specific folder, "it's the root web, and only files within this directory will be visible to the browser".

    the hosting company goes on to say that once the installation is moved, the installation script will be accessible.

    did that.

    doesn't work. Either I'm doing something wrong or the host is lying.

    what the heck am i doing wrong?

    Thanks for helping me.
    someone who knows nothing about mysql, php, YET!

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