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Upgrading from 3.8.4 - A little differently, though

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  • [Suite] Upgrading from 3.8.4 - A little differently, though

    This weekend, I plan to upgrade the forum software of the site I work for, but there's a catch: At some point in time (about two months ago), the files for our current version of vBulletin 3.8.4 got all screwed up. I won't go into any theories about how/why/etc. Every file failed a verification check, and to fix it, I had to copy over all the old files with a fresh copy of 3.8.4 files. That fixed the forum about 90% of way.

    Since then, we've had some odd issues, and no resolutions. We're upgrading to 4.0 to not only hopefully resolve our current issues, but also to leverage the new features specifically available in the SUITE. Here is my question:

    Just to make sure that the issues we're experiencing now don't even remotely get carried over, will I be able to just delete all 3.8.4 files (keeping the database as is, of course), and uploading the new 4.0 files and perform an update at that point, or will that screw things up? Are there files from 3.8.4 that the upgrade script for 4.0 look for while doing the upgrade? I want to delete all files pertaining to 3.8.4 because I don't even want to risk bringing over any problems we're currently having. If problems are present after our upgrade, I want to be able to eliminate any pre-existing issues as a possible culprit.

    I hope my questions makes sense. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    first backup your database and all your /forum files.

    then delete all your 3.8.4. files and upload your v4 files, changing the config.php file to your database preferences and then run upgrade.php

    you don't need any of the 3.8.4 files to upgrade to v4, only your 3.8.4 database data.

    if you save your attachments to the file system instead of the database, do not delete the folder where they are stored.
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      the first thing u should do is full backup
      backup of your files and database
      then you need to uninstall all your mods all your mods
      then delete all your styles and install a new one (the original one)
      then, you upgrade to vb4

      i gotta say you need to try it first in your local server then publicly

      good luck bro
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        Awesome! That's kind of what I thought, but I wanted to ask just to be sure. I fairly adept at web development, but working within such a robust system like vBulletin, ya just never know (plus, I'm still relatively new to it all). Appreciate all the responses. Thanks doggiebs and kmohamed...



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          Originally posted by kmohamed View Post
          i gotta say you need to try it first in your local server then publicly
          good call kmohamed.

          webguy, if you are after a local mysql and php server package - try wampserver


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