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Upgrading w/ a change of db table prefix.

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  • [Suite] Upgrading w/ a change of db table prefix.

    I am currently very close to finding what I need via google searches. In short I am upgrading from vb3.8.4 to 4.0 suite (more correctly I am doing this in a test directory). Does the install script offer us a chance to upgrade our DB to use "vb4_" ?

    I realize it is just the back end and the prefix is no big deal. Unless of course your anal about these things

    I am sure this change has occurred to others besides myself (we are the same folks that are annoyed that we have to use the 3.8.4 instructions rather then new 4.0 suite even though it does not make a difference).

    I will post my findings shortly for use with MyPHPadmin which I use. But, it would have been a grand foresight to add this to the installer.

    My plan, is to run a prefix update via a query and update my config.php lines 33 - 35 to;

    // ****** TABLE PREFIX ******
    // Prefix that your vBulletin tables have in the database.
    $config['Database']['tableprefix'] = 'vb4_';

    In the meantime I am teaching myself "how to" do this. I google as I go... Soon I will have a test site.


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    Ok, having looked at several options (with no reply in the short 45min I am been looking into this...) and the following link holds the most promise.

    MySQL Table Prefix Changer Tool in PHP

    You can look over it and the author will walk you though the script or just jump to the end and download the source. Don't forget to update your config.php. I will be testing is all shortly and hope it works with my version of php / mysql db.



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      BTW!!! Don't be loon and just do this on your Live System unless you have tested it out 1st! I am on a test DB but I just killed all my 'pp_' prefixes (photopost). No problem, I lean and will copy over DB and do it differently. But think though the steps and be sure you have a back up before you screw with production.

      I can learn, so can you.


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        Some caution. I changed my prefix from vb3_ to vb_.
        I would not recommend this method because I ran into problems.
        I am relaying it in case you encounter the same problems.

        I dumped my database to a text editor. Did a find and replace vb3_ to vb_
        My install worked fine. Except my faq phrases did not work.
        When I looked at my phrases, they still said vb3_
        I dumped my language and phrase tables and did the same find a replace. Reimported and everything was fine.

        I don't understand why the phrases didn't change when everything else did.
        But that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
        ...steven (vB3.8) | (vB4.2) |
        "I tried to clean this up but this thread is beyond redemption." - Steve Machol


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          Hope you got things sorted with all the support you got in this thread.


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