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  • [Suite] vB 4 Upgrade Instruction

    I've been seeing same thing since beta in vb4_readme.html
    Copied from vb3 files, needs replaced before Gold
    Well vB 4 is now gold and I'm seeing the same thing. So is there any upgrade instructions? Is there any directory which I need to chmod to something else than default? Is there anything I should do if I want to use Asset Manager? I agree that you guys are doing a great job, working 24/7 but I just can't understand why there is an old instruction document with the header
    Copied from vb3 files, needs replaced before Gold

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    Ignore the README.... use the online Manual.. the online manual is excellent and walks you through many things step by step.

    The README is obsolete and does not appear to have been updated.


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      Where is the online manual? Can you link me to it please. And why would someone include obsolete read me into gold package?


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        Originally posted by Icy View Post
        Where is the online manual? Can you link me to it please. And why would someone include obsolete read me into gold package?

        Then click "upgrade"

        I have no idea why the Readme is obsolete..... pissed me off to no end when I looked at the beta.. and it's still annoying. I trusted the readme to be updated and spent several hours fighting with it before realizing it wasn't.


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          That's not the vB 4 upgrade manual! Anyway I can and already did the upgrade but what I'm simply asking that is, is there anything special (i.e. chmod to some directory i.e attachments etc, delete any obsolete files) that I should do prior upgrading to vB 4?


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            Same here bro.

            1 day since GOLD release and nobody is fixing the problem, and the 4.0.0 is still available for download, this only makes more and more users post and ask for the upgrade instructions in the forums and ticket system. Very unprofessional. Like the fact that we had to pay to upgrade from 3x to 4x while the customer agreenment terms specified that we would HAVE access to future releases of any kind until one year from the upgrade/purchase date. All I can say is that I feel that Internet Brands is not up to my expectations in this matter.


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              As per the many other threads on this, the vB4 upgrade procedure is exactly the same as the vB3 upgrade procedure except that a few additional steps have been added for the Suite product. Follow the vB3 instructions until the revised ones are made available
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                I agree that the upgrade instructions are unsat. The readme file (included when you buy 4.0) says the following

                Upgrading from vBulletin 3.8.4

                Close your board via the Admin Control Panel.
                Upload all files from the 'upload/' folder in the zip, with the exception of 'install/install.php'. Then open the 'upload/includes/' folder.
                Open your browser and point the URL to http://<span style="color:red">www.e.../forum/</span>install/upgrade.php (where is the URL of your vBulletin). You should now be automatically forwarded to the appropriate upgrade script and step.
                Follow the instructions on the screen. Make sure you click next step or proceed until you are redirected to your Admin Control Panel. Here, you can reopen your board.
                For a complete description of how to upgrade from a previous version of vBulletin to the latest version, see the upgrade section of the vBulletin Manual.
                Notice the second sentence appears to be incomplete.

                One would expect more for your money... My site is inop now because of unclear instructions.


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                  One would expect more for your money... My site is inop now because of unclear instructions.
                  Bull. Don't blame a stuff up on your behalf on others, seriously.

                  What's incomplete about the second sentence, btw?


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                    Fatal Error Message in admin

                    Please disregard - my own transfer error! Sorry...

                    Hi - I just used the instructions from the manual to upgrade to 4.0 and am now getting this error message when trying to access the admin section. The forum appears to be fine though. Any suggestions? Maybe I missed a step? Forum is here:

                    Fatal error: Class 'vB_Template_Runtime' not found in /home8/dphscom/public_html/forums/admincp/index.php on line 490

                    Last edited by asuffredini; Mon 28th Dec '09, 8:58am.


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