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Can't view any user account in Admin CP

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  • Can't view any user account in Admin CP

    Running 3.8.11. As of this morning I am unable to view any user account from the Search for Users screen. When I search by user name or email address I get a blank screen with the error message, "The connection was reset."

    I have repaired / optimized all tables.

    I can view them if I search from the main control panel screen using the Quick User Finder.

    I need to be able search and view them by email address.

    This has never been a problem in the past.

    I have tried with Brave and Edge browsers.
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    What version of php is reported in the AdminCP?

    It needs to be php 7.1. vBulletin 3.8.11 won’t work with anything higher. (Though you may get away with the earlier php 5.6)
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      Thanks for the response.

      PHP Version 5.6.40

      ​Been on this VB 3.8.11 since 2019 with no issues. Nothing has changed it just stopped working today. I can view accounts if I search via other methods such as Paid Subscription / Subscription Manager, Quick User Finder on the Control Panel Home, clicking on a user name after clicking on any of the following link on the Search for Users screen. Or by clicking on a user name in a thread and going to the profile and then clicking edit user profile.

      I need to be able to search by email address due to an ongoing issue of subscription via PayPal not updating automatically. (but that is another issue)But if I input any criteria in the Search For Users screen Advanced Search I just get "The connection was reset."

      Click image for larger version

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        Something must have changed to cause this to stop working.
        Either a setting has been changed on the vBulletin installation, or, more likely, something has been changed on the server.

        what version of MySQL is running?

        What do the server logs say for the times when you attempt the searches?

        The issue with running vBulletin 3.8 is that it isn't compatible with modern servers, therefore there's always a risk that your host will upgrade or install something that will break it.
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          It's working on my MAC using Brave. Must be an issue with my PC.


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            It is probably an issue with inline Javascript used in the AdminCP. Your Windows Browser may be configured to see this as insecure and denying it from working. This is becoming more and more common as inline Javascript is frowned on today. You can probably set up a Content Security Policy header through your hosting provider to tell browsers to allow inline Javascript to work without NONCE or Hash security authorization.

            The other issue is that browsers may drop support for older Javascript and HTML as time goes on. The base code in vBulletin 3.X is almost 20 years old now. Upgrading to vBulletin 5.7.X will provide support for modern coding standards including HTML 5, CSS 3 and ECMAScript 2016 (Javascript is based on this).
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              I found the issue. It was a setting in my NordVPN client.


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