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Delete a range of userIDs?

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  • Delete a range of userIDs?

    Is there a way... or does anyone know what table(s) ... to remove a range of userIDs?

    I have a custom data field set up on my user registration page used to validate users (either you know the answer to the question, or you don't belong here)...

    I get a batch, between say 20 and 50 bogus registrations over night. It takes forever to one by one remove those logins in User Manager.

    If I knew what tables in the database had to be cleaned out (and where that custom data lived)... I could build a script to bulk delete users...

    Any suggestions/tips?

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    You can mass delete users using the Prune / Move User tool.

    If you insist on using an outside script, user records are a combination of the user, usertextfield, and userfield tables. However, users may be referenced from other tables as well. There is no foreign key support or referential integrity in vBulletin 3.X
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      Thank you Wayne... I'm not familiar with the Prune / Move User tool, but I'll go look for it. Thanks.


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        Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
        You can mass delete users using the Prune / Move User tool.
        Where has that magnificent feature been my whole life!? I've been on vbulletin a LONG time... I never noticed that feature (shame on me). What a Godsend. Thank you VERY much.


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