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Xrumer Email Spam Being Sent

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  • edge999
    To follow up I noticed 'Can Use Email to Friend' was enabled for unregistered for Forum Permissions; I think this was the problem after looking at logs and notice:


    I have since disabled this and will wait to see if that was the issue.

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  • edge999
    started a topic Xrumer Email Spam Being Sent

    Xrumer Email Spam Being Sent

    I'm getting some xrummer spam being sent I believe through the sendtofriend feature even though it's disabled on unregistered

    I read a dozen threads about this and it says set these to no on usergroups

    Can Email Members
    Can Use Email to Friend

    I did that and it stopped spam I was having a few months ago.. however since about 2 weeks, I'm getting new spam


    PHP Code:


    This is a message from Unregistered mailto: ) from [...]  X-MailervBulletin Mail via PHP 
    I also read blog.php was being used for this sort of spam.. however I checked and don't have blog.php

    What weird are these are bounced emails, it was being sent to To: [email protected]

    I wouldn't have even noticed these emails unless they bounced

    What should I be checking to stop this spam?

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