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Secret Forum Disappeared Completely

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  • Wayne Luke
    is it listed in the Forum Manager under Forum & Moderators in the AdminCP?

    What are its permissions under Forum Permissions under Forum & Moderators?

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  • Force235
    started a topic Secret Forum Disappeared Completely

    Secret Forum Disappeared Completely

    Looking for ideas on what the heck might have happened.

    I've run VB forums for 14 years now. I have 6 VB licenses and run 2 very active forums and 1 mildly active and 3 that need jump started. 20k members on one forums 10k on the other of my two most active. I've seen all kinds of stuff with VB but what I saw today has never happened before. My 'special' secret forum has completely disappeared. By special I mean my private hidden forum where I keep notes on changes, password hints to sites I go to, and lots of personal data that I thought handy to keep there. To keep the forum away from mod and helping admin eyes I made is so mods and admins cannot see it. I created a special group and I'm the only member of that group. This has worked perfectly for years.

    Now today I went to add something to that forum and it said I do not have permissions to access .... . I freaked. Looked at control logs / mod logs and saw nothing out of the ordinary. No matter what I did I could not see any trace of this forum. So I retrieved a backup of the DB and installed it elsewhere. I log in and view all forums and WaLa the forum does show up, but it shows that it has never been posted in. OMG This is a nightmare. Then I click on the forum and all the post are there. Years of data. Whew. Catastrophe averted but what happened on my main forum to cause this and could a hacker have stolen the info from that forum? I don't think a hacker has the files or they never would have deleted the forum ...which tells me something is up. I suppose that might be wishful thinking.

    So I view the forum on the backup and find the forum ID. Since the message on my live forum says I didn't have permissions I wanted to see if the forum number is known to the DB. Nope.

    I'm at a loss. Any ideas / or things to try to figure out what the heck might have happened.
    Last edited by Force235; Mon 21st Jan '19, 5:52pm.

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