MYSQL Character Set Latin to UTF-8

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  • lefoureur
    New Member
    • Aug 2015
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    • 5.1.x

    MYSQL Character Set Latin to UTF-8

    I have for some time for the project to pass completely in UTF-8, after multiple attempts, unfortunately, impossible to UTF-8 without problems.

    Do you understand something like this:

    I sed command & debian dump and still the same problem. (This is an old board (vbulletin 3)

    Any idea ?
  • lefoureur
    New Member
    • Aug 2015
    • 10
    • 5.1.x

    Sorry, bad section.


    • BirdOPrey5
      Senior Member
      • Jul 2008
      • 9613
      • 5.6.3

      Moved to VB 3.8 forum, but unfortunately I don't really have much experience with database coalitions.


      • KaiStone
        New Member
        • Aug 2009
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        • 3.8.x

        It's because your charset is UTF-8 but your content is in another collation.

        IMO Iam using utf8mb4 instead of utf8 cause of its benefits. But you are good to go if you wanna stick with utf8. Cause with vBulletin, if you wanna use utf8mb4, you also have to change your ROW FORMAT to COMPRESSED.

        The second thing, besides changing the collation of your database and tables, you also need to convert your whole content to UTF-8. Google it, I believe you will find the answer. Just wanna remind you an additional information: sometimes because of mistaken in back up, you need to convert your content twice.
        As my situation, the charset was latin1. I have to convert to birany first, then convert to UTF-8. That's the solution.

        You can do the job either in Linux or in Windows with Notepad++


        • Trevor Hannant
          vBulletin Support
          • Aug 2002
          • 24178
          • 5.7.X

          Alternatively, speak to your host as they often have much quicker ways to do it than you will, moreso if you're not confident/experienced in doing this yourself.
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          • Wayne Luke
            vBulletin Technical Support Lead
            • Aug 2000
            • 73427
            • 6.0.X

            Every database, table within a database and column within a table can have its own character set and collation. You have to go through each vBulletin table and field and make sure they are using the UTF-8 character set and collation of your choice. Then switch the database to that character set and collation.

            There are scripts out there that can do this for you but you must create a database backup before you start. I recommend creating one after each stage.
            Translations provided by Google.

            Wayne Luke
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