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  • vBulletin 3.8.11

    vBulletin 3.8.11 Alpha 1 has been released today.

    This is primarily being updated for compatability with php 7.x.x

    While the code has been lightly tested, please bear in mind that its an alpha, and may have issues.

    Please feel free to use it and log any problems in Jira (
    Note however that only bugs related to the changes made are likely to be looked at.

    You can also discuss the release in this thread.
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    Thank you, we waiting for it too long times.


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      If you are interested in running on php7 then please do actually download and use it, and report back any issues.
      We have already ironed out everything we could find, but there is always likely to be something we missed along the way.

      This should happily run on php 5.5 & 5.6 as well.
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        Does 3.8.11 include all the security fixes from 3.8.10 beta 2?
        It has just better compatibilities with php7, right?
        I would run it on my php 5.6 server, does it make sense or it should be better to stay on 3.8.10 beta 2?
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          Yes it includes everything in 3.8.10 Beta 2.

          I cannot make that decision for you, but from my point of view, it would be more helpful in discovering any issues.
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            Alpha 2 should be available at the end of this week.
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              vBulletin 3.8.11 Alpha 2 released today.
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                Alpha 3 released today.
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                  Will this require MySQL 5.5 or can it run on 5.0?


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                    The minimum requirements are php 5.5.0 & mysql 5.5.8.
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                      Really appreciate you doing these updates, Paul.

                      I'm moving servers over the next few days and upgrading so I'll be running my main forum on this with php5.6 and an identical dev board (behind a pw) on the same server using php7

                      The only real issue I had was with the installer was at part where it's updating the post table(?) to account for ip6 addresses because it takes so long on a big board. I should've run the installer from the command line in retrospect and will when i update next time but have you considered putting into the installer that it does 100 records at a time - similar to the way when you rebuild any thing in maintenance it updates in groups to avoid time outs?

                      Cheers again for the continued support


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                        Upgraded dev copy of the forum on php5.6.26 fine (set max_execution_time at 600 for the major ip6 changes) Everything seems fine.

                        Tried changing to php7 and it seems to work fine with hooks disabled. Most mods seem to work fine with the exception ame (video embedding) which messes up the basic functionality of posting messages (they appear as blank messages) and vbookie which completely breaks the forum

                        [B]ParseError[/B]: syntax error, unexpected 'new' (T_NEW) in [B]..../showthread.php(2159) : eval()'d code[/B] on line [B]52[/B]  
                         #1 : vbstop() called in ..../includes/class_core.php on line 3681 #2 : vbulletin_exception_handler() called in  on line
                        so all in all pretty good


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                          I suspect there will be a considerable number of vB3 modifications that won't be compatible with php 7, as many of them are no longer supported or updated by their authors.
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                            I'm surprised how many worked tbh. All the mini-mods I made that are old procedural code work a treat,

                            btw in the config what's the suggestion - i've used apc, xcache and memcached in the past but most of them are outdated now. I've zend opcache atm in php5.6 but nothing selected in config.

                            I'd love to know what Paul is using for search at his bb too. I'm on 4 million posts and it's become an issue

                            (as an aside one thing that traumatised me was it seemed like every thing was being over-cached after I moved server e.g. I could post this reply they go to forum view and the last reply would be Mark's until I refreshed. I disabled every caching mechanism possible but it turns out that it was all because of a ExpiresActive On entry in htaccess. Worked fine on the previous server.)


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                              My forum uses the standard MySQL search (so does btw). use sphinx, as that was built into vB5.
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