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Scheduled tasks timestamping changed between 3.8.4PL2 and 3.8.9?

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  • Scheduled tasks timestamping changed between 3.8.4PL2 and 3.8.9?

    This is an odd one. We recently upgraded from 3.8.4PL2 to 3.8.9 and everything seemed to go OK. We also upgraded from php 5.2 to php 5.6 at the same time. But now I notice the times of our scheduled tasks have gone a bit strange. See the image attached. It says the jobs should run shortly after midnight, but it also says the next time it will run is shortly after 11am. I'm in the GMT+11 timezone so I'm wondering if it's changed how the times are represented? Are they shown in GMT or is the setting in GMT or something now? It used to be my local time and if it was set to 0 hour then it would say next run is 00:0x etc. Any ideas?

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    Any thoughts on this?


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      It says on the bottom of the page that all times are GMT +11. Are you saying that the ones that now say 11 am used to say 12 pm ? So, they are off by one hour? Could it be a daylight savings thing?

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        No, they're off by +11 hours. If you look at the config page, where I've underlined in red, the Daily Digest job is configured to run at 2 minutes past midnight, but the "next time to run" is 11:02am.


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          I have confirmed the timezone settings are correct on the server and in PHP.ini. Scheduled tasks still out of whack. Any ideas?


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            Sorry, am I asking in the wrong place to get support on this?


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              This is a server issue of some sort. There has been no change to scheduled tasks, which have worked the same way since 2004.
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                Ok, but the server time is unchanged since before the PHP upgrade and the php.ini setting is also the same and correct for our time zone. So something has to have changed somewhere and I'm trying to track it down. Can you tell me where the scheduled task manager works out the time from? Which setting it uses as a reference? System time, PHP time, etc?


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