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    Just tried to export the DB (via SSH and forums were turned off) but somehow when forums were turned back on, all threads displayed NO posts. When i click on any thread from forumhome, with links like this:, it tells me: No Thread specified.

    And when i enter any subforum and click on the threads with links like this:, It just shows the thread title, but not even the first post is displayed.

    Doing a db scan for corruption using mysqlcheck showed no errors.

    Any ideas what might be wrong????

    And just found out that the posts show for very old threads, not sure how far back, but threads that are many years back show the posts. Latest threads don't.
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    after an entire night of investigation, found that there are thousands of posts missing from vb_post table. Not sure how and why, but almost all the latest posts are missing but not all. Tried searching for the posts via threadid and even postid, or username, but they are just not there. It's very strange. Older threads retained their posts. Wonder if anyone has encountered similar situation and i've read quite a few ppl complaining about the same issue of seeing no posts in a thread. Desperate.


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      Have you checked with your host to see if:

      - they've had a database rollback
      - there's been any access to run queries against the database manually in the past XX hours
      Vote for:

      - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
      *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
      - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
      - "Quick Route" Interface...


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        Did you run the right commands in SSH maybe you deleted some posts content as you say you tried to export the database.
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          the posts deleted from vb_posts are almost random and its not like all posts newer than a certain date are deleted. Many posts are deleted by some still remain. That's the strange part and so i don't think any command cld have done that. The export was done by the server administrators who i believe shld have no problems issuing a simple export command and not mix that up with an 'update' or 'delete' command. But cld running an export on a db cause it to become corrupt?


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