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HELP! PHP update: All visitor IP addresses reported as server IP

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  • HELP! PHP update: All visitor IP addresses reported as server IP

    Overnight, my host updated my PHP from 5.3.18 to 5.3.20. At the same time, they removed some modules/extensions that were believed to be causing intermittent crashes related to segmentation faults. The suspect extension was ioncube, but some pdo and sqlite modules were also removed as they had been automatically added at a previous update about the time when the intermittent crashes began.

    Since the update last night, I've had various issues such as members being blocked due to login quota failures. I disabled all plugins to make sure it wasn't one of my security plugins gone haywire. I had support truncate the strikes table and was able to login and disable the strikes feature temporarily.

    I noted that in the active user list, every visitor is reported as having the server's own IP address. This is clearly the cause of the login issues, but I don't know what is causing the IP issue in the first place.

    I'm on a dedicated server at FutureHosting that had been optimized by a consultant (a very reputable one). In searching similar reports, some others with the same issue identified some type of proxy like cloudflare as the cause, but I do not believe my server has anything like that unless it was automatically added in the overnight PHP update.

    I am running APC and cpanel varnish cache, though they had not been an issue prior to last night's maintenance.

    Any idea what may be causing this, particularly something that might have happened in an apache/php update?
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    Most likely it's because of the Varnish Cache proxy.

    Your host could install the apache module mod_rpaf which sets the correct IP for your users.

    Until then you can modify your config.php where you will find two settings regarding proxies.
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      Would disabling varnish in cpanel be a valid test of this?

      If so, since varnish was working before, is it possible it would just need to be reinstalled? Or could this be related to the php version update? Or should I alert the host that module mod_rpaf is necessary ?

      Sorry I don't know what this means exactly, so i want to convey it to the host correctly.



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        Sorry, I see that you are using vBulletin 3.8. There is no proxy handling in config.php in this version.

        Yes, if you disable varnish for testing it should work. And then you can contact your host.

        I never saw that something like this is related to a PHP update.
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          Support identified the missing rpaf module before the varnish test and that seems to have done it. I was just about to copy your remarks to send to them lol. Thanks!


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