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remove C99madShell v. 2.0 madnet edition

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  • remove C99madShell v. 2.0 madnet edition

    My site was recently attacked through an exploit in a plugin, which i've managed to remove after a full backup, however, on the subscriptions page in admincp, i'm geting this different page something to do with C99madShell v. 2.0 madnet edition I have already tried replacing my vb files, anyway of fixing this problem?

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    To check a site for compromises follow these steps:

    1) Run Suspect File Diagnostics under Maintenance -> Diagnostics. Replace any files not containing the expected contents. Delete any files that are not part of vBulletin and that you can't identify as belonging to your addons.

    2) Check the config.php for any suspicious code. It isn't checked by the suspect file diagnostic.

    3) Search all templates for iframe tags. They should only appear in the following templates: bbcode_video, editor-ie.css, member.css, stylegenerator.css, vbcms.css, vbulletin.css, help_bbcodes, humanverify_recaptcha, search_common, and search_common_select_type

    4) Check all your plugins for rogue include, require, include_once, or require_once code. All files should come from your server and be known to you. See step #7

    5) Check your plugins for any base64 code. I recommend using against using any plugins or products that include base64 code in them. However some "lite" or branded addons will include this as a means to prevent you from cheating the author. You'll have to make a personal call on these if you use them. This is often a sign of a hacked site.

    6) Make sure that your plugins do not include calls to exec(), system(), or pass_thru() or iframes. These are also often signs of a hacked site.

    The following query can be run in phpMyAdmin and will provide results for steps 5 and 6 -
    SELECT title, phpcode, hookname, product FROM plugin WHERE phpcode LIKE '%base64%' OR phpcode LIKE '%exec%' OR phpcode LIKE '%system%' OR phpcode like '%pass_thru%' OR phpcode like '%iframe%';

    If you a plugin that you can't read or the code is obfuscated then you should probably contact the addon author. If it is assigned to the vBulletin, vBulletin CMS, vBulletin Blog or Skimlink products, delete it.

    7) Using PHPMyAdmin run this query: SELECT styleid, title, template FROM template WHERE template LIKE '%base64%' OR template LIKE '%exec%' OR template LIKE '%system%' OR template like '%pass_thru%' OR template like '%iframe%';

    It checks the templates for compromising code. You will need to review the results from this. If you can't read it or the code is obfuscated then you should revert the template in the Admin CP.

    8) Check .htaccess to make sure there are no redirects there.

    9) Check all plugins in reference to cache or cookies. If they are similar to any of the above, delete them.

    Recovering a hacked vBulletin Site

    Former vBulletin Support Staff
    Need Help?, Or P.M. Me


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      AliMadkour, thanks for the help, that is really great info.

      I'm about to delete the three init_startup plugins you see here, however are the last three bad? It looks like they are part of Panjo. I'm guessing only the first three are an issue.


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