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Marking Forums Read And Other Sudden Glitches

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  • Marking Forums Read And Other Sudden Glitches

    Running 3.8.7 on Tapeheads.Net.

    Just yesterday, a problem has surfaced. And that is when I click "Mark Forums Read" instead of doing that I am taken up to the top of the forum. I click on 'New Posts' and all of the new posts that I thought I just marked 'read' are still there. Normally I would get the "No New Posts" message (unless a new post was made in the intervening few seconds). But when I refresh my browser, then all of the "new" posts will disappear. I will then select "New Posts" a short time later and I will get the screen that shows any new posts but also older ones separated with the The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts message. This is also a new glitch and the site has never done this before.

    One of my Mods has reported "I click on unsubscribe in my thread subscriptions list and the screen refreshes and the thread that I unsubscribed from is still there. Also, I reply to a thread and instead of going to the top of the new posts list, it disappears."

    I have confirmed this on my end using both IE and Firefox. I have cleared out all history. And I have not installed any downloads, patches, etc nor have I done anything with the templates.

    The issue has simply appeared out of the blue. Any idea what the cause-and more important-the fix is?

    Please explain it as simply as possible. I am not at all skilled in reading, writing, or interpreting code, html, etc.

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    This is an issue with browser cacheing, something has changed with your webhosts configuration to force a cache of html content. This is a HUGE problem with vBulletin, it does not output static content. Because the browser listens to your webserver tell it the page won't expire for X period of time, the web browser won't re-check it.


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      So what does that mean vís-a-vís a fix? Also how does that explain the same problems on two separate browsers, on separate computers, and on different ISPs? And that's just ME. That doesn't even account for my Mod, who is 2000 miles away having similar issues.


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        Its an issue with the webserver configuration. This has nothing to do with your browser, computer, or isp. You need to talk to your webhost and ask what they've changed recently.


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          Thank you. I opened a help ticket with my host server. Let's see what they say.


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            Originally posted by Des_Lab View Post
            Thank you. I opened a help ticket with my host server. Let's see what they say.
            When you find out please share! I'm waiting for live chat with mine for the same thing.

            - - - Updated - - -

            this seems to work:



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