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  • Mark.B
    When you're in the "Send Email to users" screen, set this field:
    Posts are greater than or equal to

    Set it to 1 if you just want anyone who's made a post.

    Also at the very top set it to be a test email only if you want to check who it's sending to first.

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  • dbahn
    started a topic Basic Group Mailing Question

    Basic Group Mailing Question

    I'd like to send a mass mailing to all registered users on my forum that have posted at least once since registering. I have a number of members who registered via bots when it was a phpBB forum and unfortunately migrated many of them over to the VBulletin forum when I set it up 8 years ago. I suppose that there is no harm in mailing to those people still registered as users, but if I wanted to just select those who had actually posted at some point, how would I set that up? I started via adminCP but am not sure exactly how to go about it. I envision one erroneous click sending out 4000 emails that may not make sense.

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