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Conditionals for displaying ranks

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  • Conditionals for displaying ranks

    I am trying to display the rank for a certain usergroup in a certain spot in the postbit. I can't seem to get the conditional quite right, if it all. I don't suppose any one out there knows what it might be? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

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    What is the condition supposed to do exactly? What was the exact code change you tried and what was the result?

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      Well what im trying to do is seperate out the ranks. Right now the ranks show up under the same $post[rank] . I have multiple ranks across a couple different usergroups, some of which members are part of multiple groups. I am trying to get one rank to appear in one area of the postbit, another rank to show up in a different area and so on and so forth. So, im just trying to designate one particular rank to show up rather than all of them.

      So, in short I want the rank for the members usergroup to appear in one area, the rank for my sponsors group to appear in another area and so on and so forth.


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        Sorry, there is no function to do this. This requires modifying the code.
        We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however you can try searching or asking for help with this over at, the modification and customization site.

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          Ok. How about this. Is there a conditional statement to discern when a member is part of a secondary usergroup? For example if I have a member whose primary usergroup is "Registered" and I set them for a secondary usergroup of "Uber Member" and I want to use an IF secondary usergroup is Uber Member then display "this" image on their Postbit.

          Because right now using a standard conditional for IF Usergroup, its only using the primary one.


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            Actually, I found a great replacement to what I was trying to do. A great 'Product' on that I'm adapting to what I need and also opened up a few other possibilities. Thanks for the assistance regardless


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