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Usergroup promotions not working

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  • Usergroup promotions not working

    Even if I go to scheduled tasks and click run now, no one is getting promoted. It used to work a few versions back, but not anymore.

    Here is what I have set:

    Promotion Strategy: Posts
    Posts: 22
    Promotion Type: Primary Usergroup
    Move to usergroup: Level 2 users

    I have ran searches for users and have a ton of users with way over 22 posts that post everyday and are not getting moved by cron or by manually running it. Not sure where to start looking.

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

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    What is the usergroup its supposed to promote from?


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      I have:

      New Members
      Level 1 Members
      Level 2 Members

      This one is supposed to move them from Level 1 to Level 2


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        I understand that, but Promotions are based on specific usergroups, so which usergroup is the promotion looking at to promote people? Are those new users in that usergroup?


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          I have the same problem.

          I have three groups
          New users
          After 15 posts promoted to Registered Users (working ok)
          After 50 posts promoted to Frequent Posters ( not working)

          I have simplified it to posts and removed the date registered and reputation criterion, but it still does not seem to be promoting Registered Users to Frequent Posters

          What am I doing wrong?



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            I suspect a scheduled task at our end!


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              I have now figured this out. It may have been obvious to everyone else. The following wording was not clear to me.

              The promotions on this page are grouped by the usergroups to which they apply. The long horizontal bars tell you what usergroup the following promotions are for.
              Say you have the following groups;
              New Users : 0 posts
              Registered Users: 10 posts
              Frequent Posters: 50 posts

              You need two promotions.
              One from New Users to Registered Users
              A second one from Registered Users to Frequent Posters

              I had two Promotions, but they were both from New Users.
              The New Users were promoted to Registered Users and then got stuck there.


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