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Scheduled Tasks Off by 14 Hours after server move

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  • Scheduled Tasks Off by 14 Hours after server move

    If I click "Edit" to within the scheduled task manager, I can see the various jobs that are set to run daily at midnight (0). I have a couple other daily tasks that run at 2am or 3am.

    All tasks, hourly or daily or otherwise seem to be running OK.

    The weird thing is that the daily tasks are running 14 hours late (or 10 hours early whichever it is). So, those scheduled at midnight are running at 2pm in the afternoon. If I edit the task setting to run at another time, say two hours later at 2 am, it simply shifts the "Next Time" column two hours later to 4pm.

    No forum settings were changed that I know. What might have affected this from a server/host move?

    I'm trying frantically to resolve another issue giving a very small number of members a varnish cache "Bad Request Error 400" and am at the point grasping at straws hoping one of the seemingly unrelated issues like this time issue could in some way be related.

    It may be somthing obvious, but I'm not a server/sql/php expert. The time settings within vBulletin all seem OK. Any help appreciated.

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    Still trying to troubleshoot this.

    For example, birthday notifications are set to run at 0 hours or midnight, like they used to run on the old server.

    The setting is still shown that way, but in the task list, it says the next run will be at 2pm. Indeed, at 2pm every day, I get a bounce or two from people who got a notification to a bad address. Similarly, my vbseo used to run at 2am and still shows being set to 2. Instead, I get notifications now at 4pm. The Options -> Date and Time seem to be set correctly. I've even bounced from central time to pacific time but it doesn't fix the big offset. I can work around this all by setting the overnight tasks to run at 10 am or something, but I'm still curious what is up. The provider has restarted the server but that didn't help.

    Any ideas, however unlikely, as to what a server move might have affected to cause this?
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      Upload the attached file to your forum root directory then navigate to it in your browser. Does the time reflect the correct time for where you are in the world?
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        Nope, it reads off by the same amount, ahead by 10 hours.

        Edit: Host verified server time is correct (though pacific time rather than central).

        Via server login I confirm that date command resluts in Jan 11 12:58:xx PST 2012

        My time and vB control panel options time, central, is 14:58:xx CST Jan 11, verified by recent post time stamps and such.

        The time.php gives January 12, 2012 00:58:xx
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          Hi Trevor,

          Can you please tell me what the time.php does and what diagnostic it provides if the time shown is significantly different from either server time or the time set in vBulletin options? I'd like to pass any input along to the host for troubleshooting.


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            Time.php retrieves the time set on the server and returns it to you with only formatting and not modifying based on timezone or anything.

            The time set in the vBulletin Options will be what guests see and the default when someone registers. vBulletin bases everything off the timezone set on the server and then adjusts it to what should be GMT time before again adjusting it to the timezone selected by the end-user when they register.

            If time.php returns a result that doesn't match what the server should be showing as its proper time, then your server time is not set correctly and should be synched to a proper NTP server.
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              You could try running this script (put it in a php file and go to it with he browser):

              echo date_default_timezone_get ();

              It will show you what php thinks the server timezone is. If it's wrong I think it can be set in the php options.


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                Host was able to locate the issue, apparently some hidden setting. All working now for my active forum, but in the process I found a possibly unrelated scheduled task issue with a forum I have under development. I posted that separately in the vB4 section.


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