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sh: /usr/bin/identify: No such file or directory

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  • Zachery
    ImageMagick is always the better choice if its available. But it has to be installed/compiled on the system, and you need to know where it is located.

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  • ChiNa
    This is a System Path Problem for the GD or IMAGICK. I recommend you do not use ImageMagick on vBulletin 3.8! NEVER. Thats my Opinion.

    I dont know if you have done the following, But if you havnt then here are a few things you could check to make sure that your board is still not set to use Imagick and also CHMOD a few Folders.

    1) Goto your vBulletin Settings >> Image Settings

    2) Make sure that "GD" is checked and that the "Text field" for ImageMagick is EMPTY! But in case you use ImageMagick 6.0 or lower version, then add a checkmark on ImageMagick + Change Path to ImageMagick 6 binaries which starts with the following:

    Unix: /usr/local/bin/
    3) I also recommend you CHMOD the following folders to 777:

    Good luck with it
    Last edited by ChiNa; Mon 7 Apr '14, 10:30am.

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  • clearchanel
    started a topic sh: /usr/bin/identify: No such file or directory

    sh: /usr/bin/identify: No such file or directory

    I had to restore my forums from a backup after a hard drive failure. The hosting company replaced hard drive and updated the server software and since then I am receiving the error above in the subject field so I can not upload images or avatars. I have GD installed to no avail. Your advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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