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mysql repair table Error "Can not create new tempfile"

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  • snakes1100
    Edit my.cnf, depending on OS, it should be in /etc

    Add this line under the mysqld section & restart MySQL, then try your repair.

    tmpdir = /

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  • Hagalepues

    hi, my server is dedicated.

    not seem to be a problem for little disk space:

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    / dev/sda2 224G 118G 95G 45% /
    tmpfs 3.9G 0 3.9G 0% / dev / shm
    / dev/sda1 97M 50M 43M 54% / boot
    / dev/sda4 2.0G 42M 1.9G 3% / tmp

    You dont have permission to the tmp space.*

    How do you give permission for this?, With chmod 777 on the folder?

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  • Wayne Luke
    If you're on a shared host, you need to contact your hosting provider to handle the above.

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  • snakes1100
    This can be caused for a couple reasons:
    1. The file already exists.
    2. You dont have the needed disk space.
    3. You dont have permission to the tmp space.

    Did you verify that the file doesnt exist?

    You can also change your tmp location using --tmpdir in my.cnf & then restart MySQL

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  • mysql repair table Error "Can not create new tempfile"


    when trying to repair a corrupt table in my database I get an error that says: Can not create new tempfile: '. / newuse 5_hagale/post.TMD' |

    this only happens with this table, the other tables are allowed to repair without any problem,

    I appreciate your help.
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