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What is correct query to set automatic Update Counter?

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  • What is correct query to set automatic Update Counter?

    What is correct query to set automatic Update Counter? Is this possible as movement of registered users can be set with query which is very good (fast) solution.

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    Updating Counters should only be done if there is a problem. If you have a continuous problem that requires you to always update counters, then you should be fixing this problem, not using the bandaid all the time.

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      Sorry.This is actually not correct. Issue is the following. We have SPAM users (1000 per month). If you imagine that these users post SPAM messages (will not disclose what) than you understand issue with updated search content,counters...
      If I do PRUNE (empty all messages for particular users) which can not be done by QUERY (one click), than all content is still inside forum as it is not updated counter. I have tested and seen all values still in the forum even I click PRUNE.


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        Are you pruning users or posts? do these spammers reside in one particular usergroup? why haven't you employed any of the antispam techniques,?, it would save you a world of trouble
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          If you prune the posts from these users or Permanently delete them when you handle them on the user end, then the counters are updated as part of those processes.
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            why haven't you employed any of the antispam techniques,?

            Can you please explain more these techniques?

            We have set checkbox (requested) that anybody can be only from one country (too man SPAM e-mail addresses)
            We have registration CAPTCHA verification code
            We have automatic movement of registered users to SPAM users (hidden query)
            We have confirmed e-mail message when user is registered

            Do you know additional?


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              Please see this thread for the things you can do to fight spam and registration bots:

              Vote for:

              - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
              *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
              - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
              - "Quick Route" Interface...


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                Adding to Trevor's note, the best one to use is the Q&A IMHO, it works really well!
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                  Refer to above for counter measures to prevent spammers from getting in.

                  If they get in (only a few), select any of their spam -> delete as spam -> ban, delete all posts, submit to antispam (if available) -> proceed.


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