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Moderator Control Panel does not allow me log in

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  • Moderator Control Panel does not allow me log in

    I used to be able to log into the Moderator Control Panel, but now I am getting a message

    "You have entered an invalid name or password"

    I am using the right name and password because I am properly logged into the site.
    I am a moderator - my rights have not been changed.
    The only thing I may have changed has been my user registration address. Not sure if I did or not.

    I can edit my User CP details

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    Do you've the same problem with your admin account or another moderator account ?

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      Hi Ali. I missed this reply.

      No other moderator has the problem.
      When I log in as Admin, I don't have the problem either.



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        You're a moderator, as in a user assigned to the moderators usergroup (this does not make you a moderator) or you're a moderator assigned to a specific forum?

        In vBulletin 3/4 moderators are users who have the usergroup permission is super moderator (admins, and super mods) or is assign ed to a specific forum as a moderator.


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