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  • Admin CP act wierd

    Hi ,

    We have moved all data and databases from old HDD to new one. everything seems working expect these 2 :

    1 - nothing can be saved in admincp and modcp. after we hit Save button the middle page will be shows an blank page and nothing will be saved .
    2 - All posts from our donators will be added in moderated posts!it was not like this anytime and settings seems correct.

    What i have done ?

    1 - Disabled Hook - Still the same
    2 - Upload all Files - Still the same

    Thanks in advance

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    After you reuploaded all the files, did you try running the upgrade.php script again? Is there anything in your error_logs (if you don't know where they are, ask your host)?

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      No I have not run upgrade.php !! i done all those steps that i have got in support ticket about blank pages but no luck !

      disabled vbseo and removed rules . still the same.


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