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I need some advice about making a comeback.

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  • I need some advice about making a comeback.

    This is a long story so I will start from the beginning. I started over 10 years ago, it was suppose to be about music and stuff but with in 6 month it turned out to be a Nextel forum and a very busy one at that but it died about 5 years ago I left it up but its a ghost town but a few of the old school members and staff want to help me make a comeback but with the new subject being android.
    I am running vb 3.8.2, I got a new android related domain name my question is what to do and how to do it? Im not to great with vb or database stuff but I have managed to do most of this stuff on my own.
    I was thinking of moving the vb license to the new domain but I would like to do a fresh install of the vb I have but keep the users,post,thread ect. because I have hacked the hell out of the one up now and I don't know how to clean it up. any advice guys or is anyone interested in joining my team?

    sorry for the run on.

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    I wouldn't abandon the old forum, I'd do it this way-

    1) Get you new Android domain "parked" on your existing hosting account, this way going to and both go to the same actual site/forum install.

    2) Uninstall all you add on products then upgrade the site to VB 4.2.0 or 3.8.7, you will basically have a fresh new site with all your existing content. (make a backup of course before upgrading)

    3) Update the Forum URL in Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details to new domain

    4) Set up an htaccess file with a 301 redirect from the old domain name to the new

    5) In the Member's Area update your license details to the new URL


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