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Audiokarma forums goes to bottom of page every time

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  • Audiokarma forums goes to bottom of page every time

    Would anyone have any clue why when the forum page (any page) loads it automatically goes to the bottom of the page.

    This is on which we have had to put into maintenance mode due to the number of complaints from members. The site has been running since 2002 without an issue. This problem started about a week ago.

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    did you install any new plugin or make any changes to any part of it


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      No recent changes. I even removed or disable some old changes to make sure they weren't the problem. I've looked at the page source code to see if somewhere someone has been able to imbed a name tag but saw nothing. I've checked my cookies to see if again something has been added by a virus or other malicious code, but nothing. It acts like when you refresh a page and it take you back to where you were on the page. The issue is you go there clean and it takes you to the bottom of the page. I thought maybe it was the Google text ads at the bottom or the Ebay link, so I removed them and still I end up at the bottom of the page.


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        when you have board back on make a test account so staff can login to check


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          Issue resolved: someone hacked an admin account and added a script to steal Amazon link dollars. Script removed, all admin passwords changed. All normal now.

          Back to our regularly scheduled programming...


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