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    Steve, I think you may have me confused with Hawk2.

    I went to a friends house last evening, and looked at the forum through an unregistered visitors eyes. Found 2 forums that I needed to adjust permissions for using your suggested settings. I made the adjustments and the subforums are visible now which is is great. I still have that weird missing 7th page problem. But maybe I'll try clearing out my browser cache. I guess as long as all my visitors can see the last page, all is well.


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      Originally posted by Steve Machol View Post
      Okay, but that is not what you said originally:
      think you got your lines crossed there


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        Thanks everyone..apparently this was a browser cache issue. I must do so much housecleaning in those groups that something got crossed in my cache. I cleared the cache out and all is visible now.

        Thanks to all for your help, and to Steve for his patience and help with the permissions. So two good things came from this problem. My original problem was solved, and I discovered and fixed a problem I wasn't aware I had.

        Ahhh...I love that feeling when problems get fixed.


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          Originally posted by dssart View Post
          Steve, I think you may have me confused with Hawk2.
          Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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            we all have them days when we get brain freeze


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