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Creating a forum login for Google Adsense

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  • Creating a forum login for Google Adsense

    I would like to create a login for Google so it can see what registered members see, instead of getting the guest message on every page.

    I created a Google User Name and Password.

    I'm not sure what URL to give it to use for a login page.

    It asks if the login method is Post Get or Plain Http (.htaccess) Not sure how this should be set.

    Finally it has places to put the User Name and Password which I believe is pretty straight forward.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.


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    Google must see the same thing as guest, otherwise it's cloaking..
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      Then why do they have such a feature?


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        The only thing that would be "cloaked" is the visitor message:

        Our forums are run by Ford Explorer and Ranger enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. We throughly cover all aspects of the Ford Explorer, Explorer Sport Trac, Ford Ranger, Bronco II, and Aerostar.

        Register with Explorer Forum and gain access to over 2 million posts filled with valuable information for Ford Explorer and Ranger based vehicles. Our 2011 Ford Explorer forum has been extremely helpful to new, and potential owners of this latest addition to the Explorer family.
        That appears on every page to non-registered users. It's not "content".


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          It's still cloaking as google will consider it a black hat technique. Pages can only be indexed if they are viewable to non registered guests, else, you could be completely removed from their index. Their TOS goes into detail.

          We don't have to agree, only abide.


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