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What will happen if I remove vbulletin_read_marker.js?

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  • What will happen if I remove vbulletin_read_marker.js?

    I've been experimenting with combining javascripts. It has helped to speed up the site. Now I'd like to take it one step further, and I'm considering to experiment with removing of some javascripts completely, at least for guests/non-members.

    How would my forum be affected / what would happen, if I completely block vbulletin_read_marker.js from guest? (and/or from everyone?)

    (If it makes any difference, I use database read marking system.)

    Any insights from the people in the know would be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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    I removed:

    • $forumhome_markread_script

    From the following templates:


    I'm unable to tell any difference in functionality.

    Have I somehow altered the behavior of the read marking feature? Could someone please shed some light on this?


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      You have removed the ajax mark as read facility.
      Baby, I was born this way


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        Paul, thanks for your prompt reply. Could you please explain it a bit more for me? I still seem to be able to mark forums as read, even with the removed code. What exactly will not function now? Under which circumstances the mark-as-read feature will not work?

        I've tested it with two different browsers so far, and I tested it while logged in and while logged out, but I'm still able to mark forums as read.

        What am I overlooking? Am I OK to run my forum without the script? If not, please explain.

        Kind regards,

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          I assume you are using the MAR links - the ajax facility is when (for example) you double click on a forums icon to mark all threads in it as read.
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          Baby, I was born this way


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            Paul, yes, I use the MARK links. My forum doesn't even have any forum icons :-)

            So if the javascript only relates to the marking-forums-as-read by double clicking on the forums icons, than that doesn't really affect my forum in any way. I think I'm safe!

            Thanks VERY much, Paul.


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              Paul, unfortunately, I ran into a performance issue, and I have no idea what causes it, and how to correct it.

              As mentioned above, I removed $forumhome_markread_script from FORUMDISPLAY and FORUMHOME templates. This resulted, as expected, in a slightly improved Load Time. However, I observed that the Start Render time was affected in a negative way!

              As an example, Load Time might have improved by 100 milliseconds, but Start Render time has worsened by 500 milliseconds.

              Being unable to think of anything better, I disabled All Ajax Functions in vBulletin Options, hoping that may correct it, but that has no effect on this.

              Any idea how I could go about removing the vbulletin_read_marker.js without negatively affecting my Start Render time? I even tried to revert my above modification, and then emptied the content of the forumhome_markread_script template, but it just resulted in the same effect (improved Load Time, but worsened Start Render time).

              Any help anyone can offer would be hugely appreciated.

              P.S. I use for my tests.


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                Is the webserver still trying to fetch the javascript file?


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                  Zachery, I'm not that knowledgeable. How would I go about determining that?

                  When I search in templates for vbulletin_read_marker.js, I only find it in the forumhome_markread_script template. When I search in templates for forumhome_markread_script, I only find it in FORUMDISPLAY and FORUMHOME. I removed both instances, and I still get the slowdown in the Start Render time. So there must still be something somewhere, but it is beyond my ability to determine what and where.


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                    What is the url to your site?


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                      laptopgpsworld (dot) com


                      (P.S. I'm in T.O., too)


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                        ... and here's a sample test result showing my:

                        Load Time: 3.448s
                        Start Render: 4.064s (!)



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                          Is the the vbulletin forum?


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                            Your site download and renders for me in under a second. it also Passes with an A under the yslow 2.0 rules.


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                              1. Yes, it is a vBulletin forum (+ vBAdvanced).
                              2. Yes, it is fast. (The test I linked above is using a New Zealand test center, that's why the relatively slow load time)

                              But I'd like to address this particular issue nevertheless. Any idea what could cause this?


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