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How to tell scheduled task is running

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  • Lynne
    Do you have the setting Log Entries set to Yes for the Scheduled Task?

    If the times are changing on your tasks, then it sounds like they are running.

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  • skor678
    started a topic How to tell scheduled task is running

    How to tell scheduled task is running

    What is the best way to tell if a scheduled task is running?

    1) If the an hourly scheduled task's next scheduled task is in the future, does this mean for sure that the task is running? Example, I saw the task scheduled for 3:05pm. Then around 3:30pm, I saw that it had changed to 4:05pm. Does this mean that the task ran?

    2) Task log for a task that is checked to generate log of task activity. I do not see an activity log for a task that runs hourly and is supposed to generate log. As in the example above. The next task time is changing but I am not seeing a log of the task. Does this mean that it is definitely not running?

    I have checked the template to make sure the footer contains the part where it says DO NOT REMOVE for $cronimage.

    Thank you!

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