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Can't log in as admin anymore

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  • Can't log in as admin anymore

    I made some changes to the forum today and when I was finished I can log in to admincp but after I hit enter it tells me thank you for loging in and then goes right back to the login screen.

    Any idea what might have happened? I only changed the human verification method and corrected one error in the configuration.

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    What exact changes did you make?
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      I changed the user verification from captcha to question and answer. Also, the number of avitars displayed. The default was supposed to be at least 1. It was indicated that it was in error because it was set to 0. I changed that to 5. I went through the rest of the settings just to check them over but didn't change anything else that I am aware of.

      Added: I can log in the forum with my id but not the admincp.


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        Ok, never mind. I remoted into another system at my office and managed to get in as admin. It appears that the only systems not able to access the admincp were at my house. After a couple hours one of those systems mysteriously was able to access the admincp page again but one of them still cannot. Interesting.


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