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Delete more than 50 threads of a user

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  • Delete more than 50 threads of a user


    I have a user that created more than 50 threads and they are in the moderation queue.

    I know I have to delete them from the admincp... but can't find out how to delete them.

    Please let me know where I can find it...
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    you don't need to do that from the admincp. Go to their profile and click on find all threads started. I recommend doing it at a less busy time on your forum and not all in one go.


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      During my tries I pruned that user, now if I click on the username I get the following message:

      "This user has not registered and therefore does not have a profile to view."

      so I cannot see its profile anymore.

      However in the "Quick Moderation" box I still see the 496 posts this user created...

      From the "/moderation.php?do=viewthreads&type=moderated" link I can delete them 20 by 20, no more :/
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        I think you can add "perpage=50" to the end of that url to get 50 messages (or pp=50 ? I can't remember.)

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          Thanks Lynne!! You remember right Resolved
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