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  • Number of database connections

    We are planning to move the forum to a new hosting provider. We're aiming at using a shared hosting account, and checked requirements as bandwith and disk space.

    One thing we try to figure out is the number of concurrent database connections that our forum will require.

    I found out that MySQL cannot provide this info, and now i'm looking at other data.

    I'm aware of the number of 'currently active users' (typically 60 to 70 during day time, shown during 15 minutes after last activity).

    The number of post written each day is typically 250 and we count about 7000 threadviews per day.

    Google Analytics counts 2000 visits by 1200 visitors per day.

    I looked in the vB sources in order to find out at what moment a database connection is established, and when it is released, to no avail .

    Anyone who could make a rough estimate of the number of concurrent database connections during day time?

    I would be very grateful, also if someone could tell me about the system of connecting to the database and releasing the connection again.

    btw: we're not using MySQLi.

    Thx a lot

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    I'm trying once again to get some info...

    Can anyone tell me at what stages of the user interaction (show thread / show forum / show search results / reply) a database connection is maintained.

    When who's online shows 20 users 'viewing Thread', 15 'viewing Forum' 10 'viewing index' and 2 'replying' , do the use 20+15+10+2 database connections?

    Or maybe only five? Or something in between?

    I would be glad with any informed guess, preferably with some explanation.


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