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Nonrecurring paid subscriptions renewing anyway

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  • Nonrecurring paid subscriptions renewing anyway

    Okay this is going to take a bit of back story. I used to have a co-owner on my site and when we first set it up, we set up a paid subscription system. The subscription was for a year, but after a year, we got an email from a user who was no longer very active. He had been charged for a renewal. The co-owner handled it and changed the subscription in the control panel to no longer be recurring. Now this year the same member is emailing me with the same problem. He got charged the $18 but when I look in the admin panel, it says his subscription isn't active. When I look at the subscription, it says it is not recurring. What am I missing and what can I do to make it stop? We honestly don't even need subscriptions right now. Would deleting all of our settings stop this problem?

    Btw, I can't even find any place where a member would go to subscribe. Should that be in their user cp somewhere?

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    if it's paypal then it's in their paypal account in account>recurring payments

    user cp>paid subscriptions

    tell them to cancel with paypal


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      Thank you! This was really puzzling me but that's probably because I don't even use PayPal.


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        Yeah, the recurring payment is a contract with them and PayPal. They agree to the recurring charge and PP just keeps rebilling them on the terms you originally specified. In order to cancel it they need to cancel with PP because vB is not issuing a rebill request. PP is automatically just doing it and they will send you a notification when the user cancels the billing and you can then cancel their privileges.
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