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Help with IF condition in Ad Locations Templates

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  • Help with IF condition in Ad Locations Templates

    Hi, I need to display different ads based on three locations in the Ad_Footer_Start template:

    1. Home page (actually this is vbadvanced page)
    2. Thread Display
    3. Everyplace else

    I currently have two IF statements in that template:

    <if condition="THIS_SCRIPT == 'showthread'">
    Ad code for ad for footer when viewing a thread.


    <if condition="THIS_SCRIPT != 'showthread'">
    Ad code for rest of site.

    However, I need to split up this second one != between the vbadvanced home page and all other pages (except for showthead).

    Any advice on how to do this? - Broncos Fan Forum
    Total Broncos - Denver Broncos Blog and News

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    You'll need to ask at the vbadvanced site if they have a variable like THIS_SCRIPT defined on their pages that you can use for that condition.

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