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RSS Feed of forum index or forum listing?

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  • RSS Feed of forum index or forum listing?

    Is it possible to display the forum index or a forum list via external.php's RSS output?

    The current external.php RSS output allows for individual feeds based on forumid, but I was hoping that there was some way in which I could pull the forum index with external.php's RSS. In other words, you'd be able to see just the forum links rather than the content of a specific forum(s) or the latest posts.

    The purpose is to embed a forum listing within the sidebar of an external site that doesn't have access to forum code. I know I could do something with embeds, but due to how that can get, I was hoping to avoid that.

    Please feel free to criticize my hopes and dreams, or if you know of any solution, I would be more than thrilled. Thanks in advance!

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