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Strange DST/Time issue

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  • Strange DST/Time issue

    One of my moderators sent me this:

    For some reason, even though the time settings are correct and I've changed them back and forth a few times to be sure, it says that the time is and hour earlier than it actually is. But the problem is that when I was replying to a post [person] made, even though I posted after her, the post jumped in front of hers since it decided I made it an hour ago.!
    She said they've gone back to normal, and I've checked her account against mine and everything looks fine. Any idea what caused/could be causing this?
    Whoopdie Doo

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    Server time being off, nothing else can cause that.


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      The next time you are having this problem, try disabling your modifications/plugins and see if it continues. I had this happen on my site once (to me) and it was a modification causing the issue.
      Note: To temporarily disable the plugin system, edit includes/config.php and add this line right under <?php

      PHP Code:

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        Thanks, I'll try that if it happens again. I think my host may have done some maintenance recently so that could have caused it. I appreciate y'all's help!
        Whoopdie Doo


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          I had the same issue. its the server time as said before..

          if you check you 'thread' or 'post' (can't remember..) table you'll see that the time_stamp is wrong but the parent_id(the post that is was replied to) is correct. you can fix it manually by changing the time_stamp values in the DB but i don't recommend it to someone who's not SQL guy.

          I had a lot of trouble before i solved it, i needed to "prove" to my hosting service (Media-Temple) that the problem is at their side. you'll need to connect via SSH type the 'date' command, screen-shot it and send it over to you hosting server service.

          Good luck
          Maayan Dreamer


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