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  • BB IMG Code

    Anyone else having an issue where an image/picture is posted inside [IMG] tags from a hosting site but does not include the link to the hosting site but once posted has it included anyways?

    If that made sense at all... I just noticed this were if just an image is posted it's still clickable to open different tab of that pic. Even though an actual link isn't included within the pic. Is this through the hosting companies or vbulletin based? I would like to remove this so images aren't clickable even when there's no url direction. Seems like an upgrade included this where earlier 3.8's didn't have this.
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    Can you be a bit more specific by giving us a practical example or a link to see this happening?
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      There is no way no how your images are clickable without [ url ] bb code, UNLESS you have a mod installed- I've seen image resizer mods that make all images clickable but they still won't forward to the web host.

      Are you using the WYSIWYG editor? Maybe you're not 'seeing' the URL tags but they are there if what you claim is happening... use the standard editor and you will see them.


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