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  • The Admin Control Panel . . .

    I just successfully moved over (migrated) an install of VB to another server. I moved all the files and imported the database. The home page comes up ( This page looks good. However, I cannot access the admin control panel. For some reason this page ( works, but this one ( does not. These installs are (to my knowledge) in every way identical. YES, the files are exactly alike. YES, the directories are the same. Is this some sort of license protection going on? Do these folders/files need to have special permissions to work properly? What is at work here? Please give us a starting point to work with if you do not have some sort of answer. Thank you in advance.

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    the url with the ip address gives me a 403 forbidden error this usually indicates a .htaccess file is preventing access to the directory are you maybe trying to htaccess your admincp but doing it incorrectly ? i guess not then the normal url wouldn't work either i think this problem has nothing todo with vBulletin but the configuration off your server get in touch with your host


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      You are correct about the .htaccess file, but the situation looks a little bit different. Here's the contents of the file (which I copied over). Still no go.

      order deny,allow
      deny from all
      allow from [an ip]

      AuthName "Restricted Area"
      AuthType Basic
      AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/users
      require valid-user

      This "server" has cpanel (the old one). Therefore, do I need to configure a user to have access to this or ... ? Is this something that vB installs by default? What is confusing me is the .htaccess file was NOT in the admincp folder (on the new box) so there was no restriction that I can see of by default. The .htaccess was not present, so, still at sqaure 1.


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        delete the htaccess

        you can add it back later


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          The first link that you have given way to AdminCP and includes / config.php change the path. I do not know if you know of a business or becoming a victim after Lamer.


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            Can you please explain yourself a little more clearly. I cannot understand what you mean by your post. What do you mean by "victim"?


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