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    My one pet peeve is giant signatures. I've tried rather unsuccessfully to limit them. I've set "Signature Image Maximum Height (pixels)", but I've noticed that this doesn't prevent people from stacking objects in their signature (inserting carriage returns between items).


    - how was one user able to post an image that is larger than the max set in the above field? I set the max to 400 width by 200 height, but she has an image that is 580x290. I confirmed that I checked her user group(s) (and I haven't modified the limit after she updated her signature).

    - is there no way to limit the height? I saw a really old posts with a potential fix, but it's so old that I wonder if there is a better way?

    Thank you

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    It is likely that user has hosted their image on another site like You should check out the image location to confirm this. Unfortunately if this is the case, vBulletin settings have nothing to rectify this, unless you disable IMG BBcode in signatures.

    Or you could get an image resizing mod.


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      Thanks... are you aware of an image resizing mod (one that only affects signature images)?


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        use css.


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