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Error Number : 1195 Table 'post' is marked as crashed

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  • Error Number : 1195 Table 'post' is marked as crashed

    Hello everybody,

    I have recently being trying to repair tables via Cpanel, and PhpMyadmin.
    I tried more than one time to optimize the tables, but the same error and other errors are coming back:

    Database error in vBulletin 3.8.1:
    Invalid SQL:
                IF(votenum >= 1, votenum, 0) AS votenum,
                IF(votenum >= 1 AND votenum > 0, votetotal / votenum, 0) AS voteavg,
             post.pagetext AS preview,
                thread.threadid, thread.title AS threadtitle, thread.forumid, pollid, open, postusername, postuserid, thread.iconid AS threadiconid,
                thread.dateline, notes, thread.visible, sticky, votetotal, thread.attach, thread.lastpost, thread.lastposter, thread.lastpostid, thread.replycount, IF(thread.views<=thread.replycount, thread.replycount+1, thread.views) AS views,
                thread.prefixid, thread.taglist, hiddencount, deletedcount
                , NOT ISNULL(subscribethread.subscribethreadid) AS issubscribed
                , deletionlog.userid AS del_userid, deletionlog.username AS del_username, deletionlog.reason AS del_reason
                , threadredirect.expires
            FROM thread AS thread
                LEFT JOIN deletionlog AS deletionlog ON(thread.threadid = deletionlog.primaryid AND deletionlog.type = 'thread')
                 LEFT JOIN subscribethread AS subscribethread ON(subscribethread.threadid = thread.threadid AND subscribethread.userid = 2 AND canview = 1)
                LEFT JOIN post AS post ON(post.postid = thread.firstpostid)
                LEFT JOIN threadredirect AS threadredirect ON( = 10 AND thread.threadid = threadredirect.threadid)
            WHERE thread.threadid IN (0,27056,26882,26802,26801,26635,26502,26198,25976,25733,25949,25279,25732,25711,25710,25441,25402,22851,25267,25270,25223,25222,24716,25123,20140,25089,23865,25017,24981,16306) 
            ORDER BY sticky DESC, lastpost DESC;
    MySQL Error   : Table 'post' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed
    Error Number  : 1195
    Request Date  : Saturday, July 17th 2010 @ 07:04:45 AM
    Error Date    : Saturday, July 17th 2010 @ 07:04:46 AM
    Script        :
    Referrer      :
    IP Address    :
    Username      : alsomal
    Classname     : vb_database
    MySQL Version : 4.1.24-max-log
    Any help will be great full.

    Thank You

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    If repairing via phpMyAdmin doesn't work after running several time, you will need to speak to your host.
    Vote for:

    - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
    *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
    - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
    - "Quick Route" Interface...


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