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Host madess or vBulletin?

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  • Host madess or vBulletin?

    Hi... been using vB for years now, since 2003 roughly, using 3.8.(something) anyways I'm on an SDX box with a host, usually always fine, no problems, last week my site started to experience a lot of slow down, bad loading times for pages or none at all... i checked my hosts/site CPanel and found that the CPU for this server was high and that this was indeed the problem, after some cursory Internet research i was told of reporting the problem to the host right away as this may well be a DoS attack on your site or another site on the same SDX box... ok

    So before i contacted host support i looked around my site (as i could) to see if there was anything i could do to shave it down so to speak and to speed things up, i made some changes that i knew for sure would completely speed things up, i run vB as my main members database/forums and off that is 2x photoposts (latest updates) and one video script and vBadvanced, the site is clean, usually very fast and uses various cache techniques and i don't usually have much more than 10 visitors on at a time, anyways it's usually always great/fast, no problems...

    But my site didn't speed up after my changes, which i thought was odd, so i emailed the host support desk and they asked me to perform some kind of trace-route test from my machine, but they emailed me back soon afterwards and said they had found a DoS attack going on with another site on my rack and that they had fixed it... and they did, my site was back, working fast as it should.

    So... after a about 5 days to a week, same thing happens, site awfully slow, my original changes were still in place so i thought my site would be running as fast as ever, so when this happened again i thought... ahhh the attackers might be having another pop at this persons site, whatever it was... so i emailed support again, the error was exactly the same, the symptoms were exactly the same, very slow loading of pages, CPU was up high again to the same degree... so you would expect the usual response, DoS attack? think again...

    So after a few hours, maybe 5-6 i didn't hear anything back, usually it's minutes, or within the hour when they reply, but i went back to my ticket and saw an 'escalate' button, i thought why not, update the ticket, let them know, if it is an attack then it would be better to let them know sooner rather than later...

    The reply was from 'management' saying it was coming from my forums directory under 'attachments.php'
    14523 mysite   17   0 71148  28m 8460 R  9.9  0.9   0:00.16 /usr/bin/php /home/mysite/public_html/forums/attachment.php
    That was a total surprise to me, after years of running smoothly and on the same host i got a reply which basically said... > some of the content of my site they really don't allow (i have an adult orientated forum which is non-nude usually, very tongue-in-cheek) their TOS actually says I'm allowed to host legal adult content and that basically if i don't pay them more money for something called a HYBRID-VPS then it's bye-bye me...

    Can you see my dismay? - They stopped the access to my forum dir until i removed the file (see above), which i have since renamed, anyways this is just horrible, i pay my hosting fee's a year in advance, 4 years I've been with them...

    anyways i don't believe it's vBulletin do you? i mean my site was always running well before, it should be fast now, but no, thanks to what i suspect to be the greedy desperate hand of a host feeling the recessionary pinch I'm left wondering what to do...

    I sent my reply back to their support (which wasn't favorable) because i just don't see this as fair, or right, it's smells bad and I'm being railroaded for more cash and they are seemingly trying to pin the blame on your software and my content (which is bloody nothing really) ahhh what do you guys think? where do i turn? what to do?

    Please advise me, thanks

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    Check to see if anyone has uploaded anything weird recently, this could be causing some high loads in the attachment script if it's weird.... and have you changed anything/added any mods recently?


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      I will check that, mods wise just a Hide Hack, thats been going a while, (attachments stored in file-system) i have Logicans webtemplates, i have 3 pages with that, just got into my forums now, i can't see anything wrong really, I'm going to make some changes see if i can't get it to speed up, actually its working fast right now, no word from host-support yet


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        I have set my NIX limit to 4%, most of the time in another browser you see "server too busy message" the CPanel CPU limit i see still raises above 7% (1 cpu it says) anything above 4 of course and its all over, i have shaved down most things, so if its not my attachments.php now what is it then? ( i have asked them to see ) i have disabled my video section, removed plugins, disabled plugins, it's ridiculous.. should like sh*t off a stick fast now and at times it is... i may as well not run vB, no one can see it now, always too busy, this is horrible, i feel like i have been handed a sh*t sandwich and there's nothing i can do about it.


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          I honestly don't know what could be causing this. AFAIK, it shouldn't be doing this... I can only think of doing a clean upload of vB and seeing if it does it with that too?


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            They checked my site, said it was fine (content wise) - i stripped everything i could down on vB (queries wise) removed my flash video section and the CPU was still high... their support emailed me and said it was 2 other sites on the rack, NOT MINE!!!!!! - but they said to make sure about optimizations etc... so i went through all of that for nothing, I'll disable attachments on the forums for now, anyways nightmare... but finally over, thanks for the help.


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              If your hosts are that incompetent.... >.< Might be time to look at shifting. Or at least get some account credit out of them for the mistake that they made. >.<


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                Yes indeed, well i thought everything was ok... until i went to my site now and it's not there/connecting, no CPanel, cannot connect to FTP, i sent a support ticket and a rep said he's working on the issue and he'll get back to me, i hope they don't delete my site out of spite.


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                  What on earth! >.< At this rate, you might be better to grab your stuff, cut your losses and go to a new host!


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